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Based in Charlotte NC, EDS disaster services specializes in the provision of high quality, reliable and fast commercial restoration and cleaning services across the US. We have a dedicated team of competent, skilled, certified and highly experienced staff that reduces the harmful effects of commercial fire damage, hurricane damage, and storm damage by deploying quick and effective intervention strategies and resources at the incident site. Though the damage caused to your business by the fire or water may be overwhelming, our high quality commercial disaster services can deliver you astounding outcomes and restore your property to the best possible extent.

The EDS disaster services team understands that every minute of business downtime is causing you losses; therefore, we always aim to surpass your expectations with our commercial restoration services. The EDS team understands that your business has unique requirements and sensitivities that must be addressed methodically and practically, so that your premises are ready to welcome your customers as soon as possible.

For more than two decades, EDS disaster services has been serving its valued clients across the United States by providing them unmatched commercial disaster services. Our decades of experience has turned us into a household name in the commercial cleaning and restoration sector of the US. Having provided restoration, commercial mold removal, remediation and specialty cleaning services to the largest companies and firms across the country, our experience curve has become steeper. We know our niche like the back of our hands.

We tailor our services and approaches to the specific needs and requirements of your business to ensure that you get across-the-board solutions, with timely reporting and billing. We keep your business goals and interests as our top priority during our time on your property as well as afterwards.

High Quality Commercial Restoration and Cleaning Services

Water and fire are the leading factors that inflict immense damages upon businesses in the United States every year. While insurance may cover the fire or storm damage caused to your commercial property, the resulting downtime after the incident can be particularly detrimental to your business. Without immediate commercial restoration, it would not be possible for you to open your premises for your customers after fire or flood damage. Furthermore, our commercial mold removal services play a very important role in making sure that your facilities are open and ready for business.

It is, therefore, important for you to establish a long-term relationship with a reliable commercial restoration and cleaning service like EDS disaster services that can reach your property fully equipped and deliver quick, high quality services in case of fire or hurricane damage to your property. Reliable commercial disaster services can make a real and practical difference, saving you thousands of dollars by the remediation and cleaning of fire and flood damage.

It is important to understand that commercial fire damage, flood damage, and/or storm damage can be the most destructive element to any business. Damages can multiply if the space is not properly cleaned and restored as quickly as possible. This especially holds true for hurricane damage. While flood damage or hurricane damage can be very overwhelming, the moisture left behind by flooding or water seepage can also deteriorate your business and result in further business downtime. This heavily underscores the importance of commercial mold removal in the aftermath of a fire or flood disaster.

If your property is not thoroughly and quickly restored by your commercial disaster services provider, the unhygienic condition and pollution caused by commercial fire damage or hurricane damage inside of your property can provide an ideal environment for bacterial growth and diseases. You should never delay commercial restoration and cleaning after fire or water damage.

Based in Charlotte, with Resources Nationwide

EDS disaster services is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, and we provide commercial restoration and cleaning services across the United States. To ensure that our clients get quick and high quality services, we have strategically deployed our resources and teams across the country. No matter where your business is situated in the US, our team will be there in time, whenever the need arises.

Our Commercial Disaster Services

We understand that fire, smoke and hurricane damage can be different in nature for different premises; therefore, we offer unique solutions that are tailored to the particular conditions of each property. For example, when different materials catch fire, the smoke and filtrates generated as a result vary in nature and chemical composition, and thus necessitate unique resources, skills and commercial restoration approaches.

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We Respond Quickly

Fire and storm damage can have devastating consequences; therefore, a quicker response-time is crucial to save your business from further damages. EDS disaster services is committed to respond fast to your call, whether it is day or night. A rapid commercial restoration and cleaning service cannot only help reduce your cost, but also ensure your business in up and running again within days.

We’re Fire and Water Damage Specialists

Restoring and cleaning your business from fire and storm damage is our domain. Besides having over 20 years of experience in the commercial disaster services sector, we also have advanced training and certifications in, commercial fire damage restoration, flood damage restoration, infection control, commercial mold removal and mold remediation and sewer and bio-waste cleaning. Our experience, coupled with our competent and fully trained team makes us specialists in the commercial cleaning and restoration niche.

We Restore to the Fullest Extent Possible

Team EDS will make its best efforts to restore your property as thoroughly as possible. We understand that replacing will be more costly for you; therefore, we try to cut your cost by using our unique commercial restoration approach. Doing so also enables you to quickly resume your business operations.

Training and Certifications

Our team members are fully trained and certified in the provision of all types of commercial disaster services, including fire and smoke damage and storm damage cleaning and restoration. We have certifications in blood borne pathogens, meth lab, mold remediation, asbestos awareness, OSHA construction cleaning standards, lead awareness, dehumidification, emergency response and disaster mitigation, preparedness, and response. In addition, we are fully trained and equipped to handle a diverse range of biohazards, flood damage and infections, and to perform mold remediation in a very effective manner.

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Membership & Certification

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