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In the aftermath of business fire damage, you can find comfort by having clear direction, and by getting help from a reliable fire cleanup and smoke remediation service provider to minimize your business’ downtime.

EDS is a Charlotte fire damage cleanup and restoration service provider, with a presence across the United States. Our team is made up of experienced, trained and skilled managers and technicians who will work around the clock to reopen your business as soon as possible.

We use latest technologies and procedures to effectively treat smoke damage and perform fire damage restoration. Making sure to keep you in the loop on every step of the business fire damage cleaning and restoration project.

Business Fire Damage and Smoke Remediation

Business fire damage can be extremely overwhelming. Of course firefighters will help extinguish the fire, but that’s that’s just the beginning. Your commercial property will continue to suffer from the fire and smoke damage even after the fire has been extinguished. There is also a chance that the water used by firefighters will further increase the damage to your property.

Fire cleanup and smoke remediation quickly become the necessities in the aftermath of a fire in commercial properties. Furthermore, water damage cleanup and restoration also become necessary in order to overcome the damages inflicted by the water used while battling the blaze.

EDS specializes in commercial smoke damage and fire damage restoration. We have two decades of experience in cleaning and restoring of businesses damaged by fire to the pre-fire condition. We use the latest technology for smoke remediation, and for the removal of odor and soot. The good news is that our protocol is custom tailored on a per case basis, ensuring that literally every nook and cranny has been covered.

The filtrates left behind by fire have the potential to trigger health issues if not treated immediately and properly. If you are trying to clean and restore your commercial property on your own in the aftermath of a fire, it is not a judicious decision. Doing so cannot only cause more damage, but also threaten your health. Instead, you should invest your trust in a reliable business fire damage service provider like EDS to cleanup and restore your property. Remember, only the professionals with the right experience, training and equipment can perform the task properly.

Why is Immediate Fire Damage Restoration Necessary

It is of the utmost importance to immediately call a fire damage restoration service provider in the aftermath of a fire in your facilities. If left untreated, the ash and smoke can do further damage to your property. Any delay in seeking fire cleanup services can lead to corrosion of the materials and anything left inside of the building. In addition, smoke odors will stick to surfaces, structures and contents after the fire.

If you fail to urgently call a dependable smoke damage restoration service provider, the odors will expand and penetrate deep into every surface. This can provide the ideal conditions for bacterial growth. The walls, structures, furniture and equipment will be discolored quickly; therefore, it is wise to carry out fire damage restoration and smoke remediation on time. Also, the longer the smoke remains inside of the building, the more it will cause scratching in glass, and the faster it will discolor metallic items.

Our Approach

We understand that not all fire and smoke damage is the same. Our approach to cleaning and restoring your commercial property is customized for your business and unique circumstance. Our business fire damage restoration process typically includes:

• Inspection of the underlying integrity of the structures for safety

• Identification of the fire’s source in order to determine the fire type

• Assessment of the areas damaged by water used during the firefighting efforts

• Remediation of water damage when needed

• Assessment of materials, structures, articles, surfaces and equipment damaged by fire, smoke and soot

• Removal of important items from inside of the building, such as computers, files, data storage devices, products, raw materials, machinery, equipment etc.

• Performing fire damage restoration, such removal of burned items, assessment of carpets and floor tops and rugs that require removal and treating surfaces affected by smoke and odors

• Fire cleanup and elimination of odors

• Deodorization of surfaces to the pre-fire condition

• Returning of articles and equipment to their original places and resumption of your business operations

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