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Infectious control cleaning is critical in stopping the spread of communicable diseases, not only in the healthcare and hospital setting, but for all responsible businesses. In order to maintain a high level of cleanliness in your organization, EDS will regularly and routinely clean all surfaces, structures and items using modern techniques standardized in MRSA cleaning and cleanroom cleaning.

EDS specializes in decontamination and infectious control cleaning. We use a variety of specialized products to ensure that your premises are infection free. We extend our MRSA cleaning service especially to healthcare facilities and hospitals because MRSA infections mostly occur in those enviroments. EDS uses the latest and most effective products and procedures for cleaning, decontaminating and disinfecting surfaces that are prone to infections. For example, we use detergent-based decontaminators and EPA registered disinfectants to perform MRSA cleaning.

Before starting our effors to disinfect your premises, we will determine the nature and types of infections and organisms present. Since microorganisms can range from the harmless to the very pathogenic, we identify their types in order to come up with the proper course of action.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

The most essential and important measures to maintain hygiene in an organizational atmosphere is the cleaning and disinfecting of the premises. Our cleaning and disinfecting efforts are aimed not only to completely remove dirt and dust, but also to eliminate infections and prevent them from occurring. The surface cleaning fluids we use also suspend and eliminate bacteria and other microorganisms.

Our cleaning and disinfecting efforts will eliminate over 90% of microorganisms from your facility. We perform our cleaning and disinfecting tasks very cautiously because even a slight dispersing of the microorganisms can lead to the contamination of other equipment.

When you choose EDS to take care of the cleaning and disinfecting of your organizational environment, we will assign you a dedicated manager, with a team of skilled and trained staff. The manager will keep you regularly updated on project progress and will make sure that the staff follows all standards and protocols of effective cleaning and disinfection.

Cleanroom Cleaning

EDS offers its cleaning services to cleanrooms. We understand that facilities that are normally used for manufacturing purposes, especially the production of pharmaceutical and scientific products, need regular and routine cleaning, decontamination and disinfection. These facilities are prone to environmental pollution like dust, microbes and chemicals.

Our cleanroom cleaning approach is unique in that it strictly follows the highest industrial standards. We use completely defined and standardized cleaning methods in addition to effective decontaminators and disinfectants. It is important to understand that the products used in cleanroom cleaning need to be of highest quality and powerful, so that microorganisms can be eliminated.

The selection of the proper combination of products and cleaning methods are equally important when it comes to cleanroom cleaning. This is specifically crucial for pharmaceutical manufacturers. Disinfectants come with varying efficiencies; some of which are bacteriostatic, meaning that they are meant to target bacteria that have already stopped growing. The disinfectant will selectively target them, reversing the changes to their cells by intermingling with their nucleic acids or penetrating their cell wall.

Then there are bactericidal disinfectants used extensively in cleanroom cleaning. These disinfectants target and eliminate the bacteria by inflicting structural damage in them through autolysis or cell lysis.

MRSA Cleaning

MRSA cleaning is particularly important in hospitals, healthcare clinics, surgical facilities, emergency rooms and other healthcare environments because the spread of deadly bacteria like MRSA can have devastating consequences if not contained beforehand. When MRSA infections befall, the premises should be immediately cleaned and disinfected.

EDS is a popular name when it comes to MRSA cleaning. We use effective disinfectants and procedures particularly developed for the elimination of MRSA infections. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, we provide MRSA cleaning services throughout the United States.

Our staff is highly experienced and trained in the provision of MRSA cleaning services for healthcare facilities. We initiate the cleaning process by disinfecting surfaces, structures and equipment that contact people’s bare skin. For example, bedrails, door handles, bed linens, robes, tables, chairs and medical equipment are more susceptible to contract MRSA infections and transmit them to people upon touch. We highly recommend regular and routine MRSA cleaning for healthcare facilities to prevent outbreak of MRSA.

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