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Let EDS Protect You from Potential Disease with our Mold Removal Services

Mold grows as a result of moisture and can be specifically damaging to businesses and people living or working inside of commercial properties. Commercial mold remediation is, therefore, highly recommended for all types of businesses. Typically, mold grows in the aftermath of a flood or water leakage; however, they can also suddenly develop without any negative incident in your business. Don’t hesitate to call a mold mitigation company when you detect even the smallest sign of mold on your premises.

EDS is a Charlotte mold removal service provider, with operations across the country. We understand that commercial mold remediation can be especially challenging due to the fact that the mold spores can multiply across the building in as quickly as 48-72 hours. The side effects of mold growth include allergies, irritations and illnesses. Mold can also damage building structures, wooden furniture and as well as other surfaces. If you fail to immediately call a reliable mold removal service at your commercial property, the mold can potentially trigger health complications for the people working within.

Early diagnosis is the key to effective elimination of mold from your commercial building; therefore, you should establish a long-term relationship with a commercial mold remediation service provider that has the capacity and resources to reach your property quickly and perform mold mitigation. If you believe you may have mold growing in your business, EDS can proactively counter the problem. We have the training, skillset and experience to perform commercial mold remediation on any scale.

What is Mold and How Does it Grow

Mold is basically a fungus that grows as a result of moisture. It is normally found on moist building materials and structures, often appearing like stains. They come in different colors, but the smell is typically musty. Mold grows through very tiny spores that are not detected by the naked eye. They drift through the air, enter buildings and find shelter on moist surfaces where they begin to multiply. You should use a reliable mold removal service to
eliminate mold from your workplace.

If mold mitigation is not carried out in offices or other commercial properties, the indoor air quality can deteriorate. Further negligence can provide time for the mold spores to multiply and trigger health issues. It is important to understand that there are different types of molds, some of which are potentially dangerous. Serpula lacrymans and Dry Rot Fungus are extremely destructive.

Why Perform Commercial Mold Remediation

Performing commercial mold remediation is very important to keep your workplace and staff safe. Mold is particularly damaging to the surfaces and structures on which they grow. Wooden structures can be easily damaged by molds, necessitating replacement of the specific structure and/or furniture. When mold grows, it also poses health problems to humans. Allergic reactions and respiratory issues are very common mold-associated health problems.

It is extremely important to understand that there are a few types of mold that can trigger very serious health problems by producing mycotoxins. When humans come in contact with mycotoxins, they can suffer from serious neurological problems and even die. Other health problems associated with mold growth include runny nose, itchy and irritated eyes, cough, itchy throat, itchy or rashy skin, migraines and asthma. Only the most experienced mold removal service like EDS can eliminate these life-threatening molds from your business.

In order to keep your business and staff safe from mold, you must choose a dependable commercial mold remediation service provider to perform mold mitigation inside of your commercial property. EDS is a highly respected name in the commercial mold removal service sector across the United States.

How EDS Can Help

EDS has earned the trust of thousands of businesses across the US for over 20 years now. Popular as a Charlotte mold removal service, we have stationed dedicated teams for commercial mold remediation across the country. Our mold removal service teams consist of highly trained and certified members. Fully equipped with the right set of tools and equipment, our teams are always on high alert to cater to emergency situations.

It is worth mentioning here that commercial mold remediation is a strictly regulated sector is many states and cities. EDS uses predefined protocols and project specific procedures to deliver you the ultimate solution. We currently follow the mold remediation protocols and standards set forth by the New York Department of Health, OSHA and the Texas Department of Health.

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When you choose EDS to perform mold mitigation inside of your commercial property, we treat the task as a dedicated project. With EDS, a senior manager will manage your project and ensure that OSHA and other prescribed requirements for safe and healthy operations are maintained. This manager will make sure that you receive regular communications and are advised of project progress and expected completion.

If mold has already started to grow inside of your business, or if you suspect that increased moisture inside your commercial property is triggering the growth of mold, contact our emergency response team now at (800) 847-9951 or fill out this contact form so that we may get in touch with you.

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