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Keep Your Business Clean with The EDS Sewage and Biohazard Cleaning Service

Sewer and bio-waste can severely disrupt commercial activities if the business owners fail to immediately call sewage cleanup companies or biohazard cleaning services to contain the situation. Sewage waste contains dangerous microorganisms that can cause illness and even death. These microorganisms include viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungi.

Furthermore, bio-wastes are toxic in that they contain elements like chemicals, flammable gases, carcinogens and pesticides that pose risk not only to human health, but also the environment. Hazmat cleanup, therefore, becomes necessary whenever bio-waste discharge or overflow occurs inside of a business.

It is important for business owners to consider a sewer or bio-waste problem as an emergency situation because the bacteria, viruses and chemical solvents can immediately trigger health and environmental issues. EDS is a Charlotte biohazards services provider, with dedicated teams to handle sewer and bio-waste situations across the United States.

Why Choose EDS for Commercial Sewer and Biohazard Cleanup

With the proper training and relevant certifications, our staff is always on red alert and able to cater to any disastrous situation. Our biohazard cleaning services are backed by two decades of experience, the latest technologies and scientific procedures. The sewer and bio-waste cleaning and extraction methods we use are also scientific in nature, including the waste removal, sanitization and disposal process.

We fully understand your business urgency and work round the clock to not only minimize your business downtime, but also the impact of the sewer and bio-waste on your employees and your business environment. We strictly follow OSHA and health regulation requirements and standards during the sewage and hazmat cleanup process.

Sewer Cleaning

EDS fully understands the risks posed by sewer waste, and we offer total cleanup services to commercial clients. You might come across a number of sewage cleanup companies, but EDS stands above the rest, which is seen in our experience, skillset and the extensive training of our employees to immediately clean the waste from commercial spaces and prepare the them for resumption of normal business operations.

While EDS is locally known for its Charlotte biohazards services, our services are used by businesses across the United States. We have fully equipped offices and resources across the country to cope with any commercial sewer or bio-waste emergency situation.

A major portion of sewer waste is water, which can be clean or contaminated. Before starting the sewage cleaning process, we assess the water and deploy cleaning procedures and products specific to the water type. The water might be clean, which means it is leaking or overflowing from a broken water supply line or tank. The clean water is often contaminated upon contact with the surrounding objects, surfaces and contaminants.
If the water is gray, it is contaminated and potentially risk for the human health and the environment. The gray color suggests that it contains bacteria, viruses and/or fungi that can cause illness. The source of gray water includes toilet spills containing urine, machine spills and dishwasher runoff. Then there is black water, which is highly contaminated and has the potential to trigger life-threatening situations. Water from the toilet with feces, standing water and flooding can turn into black water.

No matter what the type of water, the sewer waste should be immediately extracted and cleaned and the commercial property should be thoroughly sanitized. Doing so is not only good for your business, but also for the environment and the health of your employees.

Biohazard Cleanup

Biohazard cleanup is extremely important when a bio-waste emergency situation arises inside of your commercial property. Delaying commercial biohazard cleaning not only threatens the health and lives of the people in the workplace, but also the biological and chemical contaminants can pollute your office atmosphere and the natural environment at large. EDS is a popular name in the biohazard cleaning services sector. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, we provide nation-wide hazmat cleanup services.

Bio-waste includes not only biological waste and chemical solvents, but also bodily fluids like blood, vomit, urine and feces that can transmit very dangerous diseases like hepatitis B and C and HIV. Bio-waste spills can occurs in commercial properties at any time, so businesses should be proactive and ready to cope with the likely emergency situation that arises. Whenever an emergency situation strikes, you should never delay calling reliable biohazard cleanup services like EDS.

Only the experts should perform the biohazard cleaning and decontamination inside commercial buildings. EDS has specially trained its teams to cope with biohazard emergencies across the US. Our team members have not only decades of experience in biohazard emergency management, but also in latest standards, protocols, techniques and technologies of commercial biohazard cleaning and decontamination.

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