The Best Disaster Recovery Consulting Service in the U.S.

It is paramount that all businesses have a trusted team of emergency consultants in their core operations. You never know when large-scale commercial disaster will strike. Disaster recovery consulting plays a critical role in minimizing the risk of disaster, cutting disaster-induced damages and the cleaning and restoration of commercial properties in the aftermath of disasters like fire, flooding and sewage biohazards.

Emergency services consulting is an important part of EDS’s disaster services. Having over 20 years of experience in management of disasters like fire, infectious control, water and floods and sewer and biohazards, EDS is a household name when it comes to consulting for commercial disaster preparedness, mitigation and recovery.

It is important to understand that businesses are always at higher risk of emergencies and disasters. Fires, floods and chemical spills cannot only interrupt your business operations, but also trigger severe health and environmental problems. It is always a good idea to have disaster recovery consulting as part of you core operations.

Disaster Risk Analysis

Disaster risk analysis is one of the core elements of effective disaster management and recovery. Whether your business is susceptible to natural or industrial disasters, if a proper disaster risk analysis has been carried out in advance, your business will be in a better position to avert emergencies and recovery quickly in the aftermath of disasters.

A disaster risk analysis will identify the potential threats and susceptibilities for your business, so you can take preemptive action to minimize potential business disruptions and losses. EDS consultants will perform a disaster risk analysis to identify any loopholes in your commercial property that exposes the building to disasters. Based on the identified risks, we will come up with a disaster recovery plan for your business.

Crisis Management Planning

Crisis management is another important component of emergency situations that should not be ignored by businesses. When a disaster strikes, it creates a crisis situation. EDS will not only craft a crisis management plan for your business, but also execute that plan through tools and equipment selection, procedure developments and validation testing. Furthermore, our consultants will organize crisis management awareness workshops for your employees and management teams. In simple terms, we plan ahead for your business, so you are not caught unprepared or ill equipped.

Why Choose EDS for Emergency Services Consulting

If you are searching for reliable disaster recovery consulting services or emergency consultants to monitor the operations of other companies or give you expert opinion about disaster planning, you’ve come at the right place. When you choose EDS as your disaster recovery consulting service, we go to great lengths to ensure that your business is always safe from potential disaster. We will assign you a dedicated project manager who will work with your team and oversee the work of other companies.

Our emergency consultants will work closely with your company’s management to craft and put in place a comprehensive disaster preparedness, recovery and mitigation plan. Our consultants will help take preemptive actions against potential disaster, and if a disaster occurs, they will respond swiftly to minimize your business downtime and recovery your property from the situation as quickly as possible. Our services are backed with relevant certifications and experience in the industry.

What differentiates us from our competitors is the fact that our disaster recovery consultants are certified and trained to handle emergency situations of any size. When you choose EDS as your emergency consultants provider, you get:

  • Proactive disaster preparedness plan and strategies
  • Access to latest technologies, equipment and approaches for disaster recovery
  • Licensed, experienced, trained and certified specialists at your disposal
  • 24/7 disaster mitigation
  • Quick recovery and restoration of your business from disasters
  • Timely reporting and communication about disaster recovery progress

Contact Us

Disasters are unforeseen. They can strike anytime, leading to prolonged business interruption. If you want to know more about our emergency services consulting, contact us now at (800) 847-9951 or fill out this contact form so that we may get in touch with you.

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Mold Remediation

You Can Trust EDS to Recuperate Your Business From Flood and Water Damage

If water or flood has damaged your business, EDS has the proper set of equipment and expertise to provide you with our comprehensive flood damage service. We specialize in cleaning and restoring commercial properties. Our team consists of trained and certified specialists who will undertake the task of cleaning and restoring your property after commercial water damage. If you came here in search of water damage services, you’re in good hands now.

EDS is a Charlotte water damage cleaning and restoration service provider with a national presence. We use the latest cleaning and restoration technologies and procedures to ensure that your business is reopened for customers as soon as possible. Before opening the building to customers, our team carries out a final audit to verify that everything has properly dried and is once again safe for business. Our thorough and sophisticated approach to cleaning and commercial restoration in the aftermath of floods makes us the best flood damage service provider in Charlotte.

While water leaks and flooding are both very destructive to any property, businesses especially experience substantial interruption, damages and losses from these types of occurances. Failing to call a reputed commercial water damage cleaning and restoration service provider to your property in the aftermath of a flood can further increase the damages. Water is easily contaminated, so you must not delay contacting a reliable flood damage service provider.

Why Us

At EDS, we understand that every minute of your business is valuable, and that customer satisfaction is crucial for your success. Hurricane, torrential rain, flooding or water leaks in your commercial building will not only interrupt your business operations, but also result in customer dissatisfaction. You need a trusted and reliable flood damage service provider to recuperate your business in the aftermath of any commercial water damage.

EDS is a household name when it comes to flood and water damage cleaning and remediation in the United States. Our Charlotte water damage services include water extraction, structure and content restoration, mold remediation and infectious control cleaning. Every business has unique needs and requirements in the aftermath of flood or water damage. The good news is that our services are flexible and are custom tailored for the special requirements of your business and situation

Our staff consists of highly experienced and skilled technicians in commercial water damage cleaning and restoration. We respond immediately to your call and assign you a dedicated project manager who will reach your premises with a team of technicians as soon as possible. The project manager will provide regular updates regarding progress until the project has been completed. We try our hardest to mitigate your business loss through sophisticated recovery and restoration techniques.

Our Approach

Commercial water damage after torrential downpours, hurricanes, water leakage or other disasters are highly stressful situations for business owners. The effects of flooding inside of a commercial property brings with it potentially harmful effects. The side effects of flooding are detrimental to the health of the people working or living in the property. The unpleasant side effects of flooding in a commercial property include bacterial and mold growth.

EDS sharply reduces the harmful effects of water inside of your commercial property through prompt and effective interventions. The first 24-48 hours after flooding inside of a building are critical, so we quickly deploy our resources onsite and initiate our specialized flood damage service as soon as possible. While the damage may appear severe to you, our cleaning and restoration efforts generate amazing outcomes.

The Process

The EDS commercial water damage cleaning process is highly scientific and can be customized to the requirements of your property on the spot. Before initiating the cleaning and restoration process, we will assess your property for the amount of damage, extent of contamination and restoration versus replacement expenses.

The critical factors in our cleaning and restoration method include:

  • Emergency water removal
  • Air testing and moisture detection
  • Mold identification
  • Mold remediation
  • Dehumidification
  • Deodorizing
  • Disinfecting
  • Carpet cleaning and restoration
  • Stain removal
  • Drying

Contact Us

EDS is committed to surpass your expectations with our specialized water damage services. When you choose us to perform your commercial property’s cleaning and restoration after flood or water damage, you can expect an effective response from us.

Our team is always ready to take your call, or get in touch with you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact us now at our emergency response number (800) 847-9951 or fill out this contact form so that we may get in touch with you.

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How BOMA and EDS Provide Critical Facilities Relief

The Building Owners and Managers Association – BOMA – and the Environmental Diversified Services – EDS – work hand in hand to provide critical facilities relief. BOMA has been representing both the managers and owners of all commercial property. This includes all types and even more than 10.5 billion square feet of office space in the U.S. In the same manner, EDS works to help owners of commercial property through their exceptional cleaning and restoration services.

Whenever there are fires, hurricanes, floods or other disasters which cause damage to commercial property, EDS is there with superior critical facilities assistance. Businesses can suffer huge losses during these critical facilities disasters. The team of highly trained and knowledgeable Environmental Diversified Services experts know what it takes during these tough times.

BOMA and EDS To The Rescue

BOMA has been a pillar of support for millions of commercial property owners since 1907 when they were first founded. Each year, BOMA International has the Toby Awards online application process. Through the Toby Awards, BOMA chooses the most prestigious and qualified buildings. The Toby – The Outstanding Building of the Year – is akin to the Oscars for commercial property building owners and managers. It is by the Toby Awards that BOMA rewards exceptional and superior building management.

The BOMA Standard has won the data center management organizations high ratings and praises. One of the ways they do this is by providing a tremendous source of information on many issues. These are matters that affect building management and operations.

BOMA International provides information and assistance on the following:

  • Building Operating Costs
  • Development Leasing
  • Legislation
  • Industry Trends
  • Technological Developments
  • Building Management and Operations
  • Energy Consumption
  • Occupancy Statistics

BOMA is the backbone of commercial property management association through their helpful services. In the same way, EDS is the critical facilities services leader in the U.S. For years’ their team of professionals have been getting businesses back on track soon after disasters strike. It is during these critical facilities problems that EDS deploys its team of certified, experienced and competent members to assist in critical facilities issues. They help to ensure that your business is restored back the best possible extent as promptly as possible.

When Disaster Strikes, EDS Is There

BOMA and EDS have been working together hand in hand for many years now. If you’re a building owner or manager, you can find out more about BOMA here. For those whose commercial properties may be dealing with flood, fire, hurricane or other disasters, you should call or visit EDS today. Let their team of experts help you with their award winning critical facilities and disaster services. They can restore your commercial property back via their high rated cleaning and their quick commercial restoration services.

Both BOMA International and Environmental Diversified Services are there for building commercial management assistance. Especially when those involved in handling the commercial property needed it most. One offers the best possible information for commercial building managers and owners. While EDS – Environmental Diversified Services offers the best and highest rated critical facilities management services during disasters in the U.S.

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How to Prevent Water Damage in Cold Weather

For all its joys and delights, winter gives us a lot of headaches. Yes, the snow looks nice and it’s fun when you’re a kid, but it stops traffic. Ice is fun in an ice rink, but on the streets, it’s very dangerous. The cold weather is nice if you’re in a warm room, looking through the window, but it makes it more difficult to be outside. If you’re a business owner and you have a responsibility to yourself, your employees, and your customers to keep them comfortable and safe, a cold winter is a source of troubles. Like, for example, bursting water pipes.

Why Do Pipes Burst During the Winter?

We owe the pipe-bursting effects of freezing water to a very peculiar property water has. As opposed to most materials which shrink as they get cooler and expand as they get warmer, water does the opposite. As the temperature drops, the same amount of water will take up more and more space. When it finally turns into ice, it will have around 9% more volume than it had at room temperature.
When water expands, it puts pressure on water pipes. If the pressure is too much for the pipe to handle, it will eventually burst and open the doors to a world of water-related damage to your business.

Cold Weather Preventive Measures

The proverb that says that prevention is better than a cure can be applied to cold-weather related water damage. When it comes to bursting pipes, there are two types of preventive measures you should take. The first is temperature regulation, which aims at preventing the temperature in and around the water pipes from dropping to the point where the water would freeze. The other type of preventive measures is aimed at controlling the water flow through the pipes to either cut it off completely or to try and alleviate some of the pressure caused by cooling water.

Temperature Regulation

Pipes that run through or near the exterior walls are very vulnerable to freezing. A crack in the wall is all it takes to allow the cold air to penetrate the wall and start cooling the water pipe. Cracks and holes in walls are not something that should be left unchecked even under the best weather conditions, but if you’ve put off repairing them, let the coming of the cold weather be a reminder that they need to be fixed. The same goes for doors, windows, and other openings – they all need to be in working order and properly sealed before the temperature plunges.
Next, you need to identify exposed and vulnerable pipes. An exposed pipe located in a room that’s heated around the clock is not at risk, but an exposed pipe in a room that is not heated at all is, so focus your attention on the pipes that are in or near areas where you expect the temperature to get low. If heating those areas proves to be too expensive or impractical for your business, you can use insulating materials to keep the cold from reaching the pipe. Insulation is especially important for any outdoor piping your business has. For indoor piping, you can boost the temperature using heating cables, cables specially designed to provide warmth to pipes and keep them from freezing.

Flow Control

Even if you don’t own the building your business uses, you should know where the shutoff valves are. Quick reflexes can save you from a lot of trouble when a pipe bursts, and you don’t want to run around aimlessly while your business’ floors are being flooded or walls are getting soaked – you want to go straight for the main valve and close it.
But you can use water valves to prevent damage from happening in the first place. If your business has any external faucets it doesn’t need during the winter, you should cut off their water supply. The most important elements of flow control, in terms of prevention, are the good old faucets. If you expect a particularly cold front to hit your business, you should open all the faucets and let them drip. Yes, this is something that will affect your business’ utilities bill, but allowing the water to drip from the faucets has two very useful effects. First, it keeps the water running and makes it less likely that the water will freeze. Second, if the water does freeze in the pipes, a leaky faucet will help alleviate some of the pressure on the pipe, and make it less likely that the pipe will burst.
Flow control can also help you prevent damage caused by snow thawing on your business’ roof. During winter, ice dams sometimes form on roofs. As their name implies, ice dams are layers of ice that form along the colder areas of the roof and prevent snow and water from running off the roof. This, in turn, can cause water to penetrate into your business’ walls. If you notice ice dams on your business’ roof, you should use room-temperature water to make channels in the ice dam to prevent water buildup. Removing the snow from the roof using snow rakes, if possible, is also a good idea.

Early Warning Systems

If the cold weather causes water damage to your business, you’ll want to know it sooner than later. Every second a burst pipe is releasing water into the walls, floors, or rooms translates into money you’ll have to spend to fix the damage.
Leak detection systems might be a good investment. They use either moisture detectors, or they measure the flow of water in the pipes, and they let you know when the set parameters are breached. Passive leak detection systems will work like an alarm, notifying you when it seems a leak has happened. Active leak detection systems might also be capable of automatically stopping the water flow when they notice a leak.

How to React to Cold Weather Related Water Damage

If you determine a pipe has frozen in your business, you can try to fix it yourself. You shouldn’t try to thaw a pipe by using heat sources that involve an open flame, but a hair dryer or a space heater might help.
If that doesn’t work, or if the damage has already happened, your business will most likely need professional help. At EDS Disaster Services, we’ve seen every possible scenario that involves water damage and we’re prepared to tackle all of them.
For starters, we will remove the excess water as quickly as possible, to minimize the damage it causes. We will use moisture detection to determine the damaged areas beyond the obvious ones. If the water damage has caused mold, we will determine what kind of mold you’re dealing with. We will then proceed with mold removal and disinfection, dehumidication and drying to remove the excess moisture. We will also remove any stains caused by water, and we can also help clean and restore carpets affected by water. We might not be able to turn back time and prevent the damage from happening, but we do whatever we can to make it look like it never happened

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What to Do When Disaster Strikes Your Business

What to Do When Disaster Strikes Your Business

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), 40% of businesses don’t reopen after a disaster and 25% fail within one year after disaster strikes.

If your business experiences hurricane damage, fire damage, or mold damage, it’s important to have a disaster recovery plan in place to minimize losses. Choosing a reliable disaster recovery consulting service can be one of the best business decisions you make when it comes to planning and recovering from a disaster.

How to Plan for a Disaster to Your Business

When it comes to disaster preparation and emergency recovery, there are a few critical things to do to ensure business operations are restored quickly. Selecting a trusted disaster consulting service, such as EDS, is one of the best ways to minimize losses and protect the long-term health of the business.

There are other important ways to prepare for disaster as well, including:

Develop a Formal Disaster Plan

This document is sometimes referred to as a “Disaster Recovery Plan,” or “Business Continuity Plan.” A formal disaster plan outlines how a business will respond and recover from a disaster. Whether it’s hurricane damage, fire damage, mold damage, or other, a formal Disaster Recovery Plan makes sure all employees know exactly what to do when disaster strikes and helps to ensure a swift recovery.

An experienced disaster consulting team like EDS can help prepare this plan making sure no situation is overlooked.

Train Employees for a Disaster

After developing a formal Business Continuity Plan, it’s vital to share the document with employees. This guarantees everyone is aware of their responsibilities. The next step are to train each employee on their responsibilities. If your business experiences fire damage, mold damage, hurricane damage, or more, training employees on their specific duties will allow for quicker recovery.

A qualified disaster consulting service can help when it comes to employee training, working with each person to make disaster recovery a team effort.

Store Important Business Information Off-site

When disaster strikes, there is the possibility that irreparable damage occurs and important company information is lost. This is especially likely when a business experiences fire damage or hurricane damage. To get your business back up and running after a disaster, it’s important to store critical information offsite. Keep copies of insurance policies, inventory lists, banking information, backups of computer systems, employee and client contact information, and any other data that’s critical to reopening business.

A disaster consulting team will work with your business to assess all of the potential information that may be lost during an emergency and help develop a list of things that should be backed up and stored offsite.

Choosing the Best Disaster Recovery Consultants

You never know when a large scale commercial disaster will strike. This is why it’s paramount that all businesses have a trusted team of emergency consultants in their operations. Being prepared for disaster is crucial, but knowing exactly what to do if and when disaster strikes is what makes having an experienced disaster consulting team so important.

The disaster recovery team at EDS goes to great lengths to ensure your business is always protected from potential disasters; our team of certified and trained disaster recovery consultants are ready to handle any emergency situation.

When it comes to being prepared for disaster, EDS has the experience to ensure your business recovery efforts are managed quickly, correctly, and with minimal losses. Our team of trained and certified specialists know exactly what to do and will work with your business on all areas of the business recovery process.

Mold Damage

EDS and its team of expert disaster consultants can help if your business experiences:

Hurricane Damage

Having a plan in place prior to hurricane season is important, and waiting until hurricane season begins may be too late.

Hurricane damage usually consists of water or flooding damage, which can destroy property, equipment and prevent a business from getting back to work until the physical damage is restored and clean up occurs. EDS has the proper equipment and expertise to provide your business with comprehensive hurricane damage, water damage or flooding damage services. Our specialty is in cleaning and restoring commercial property after a water-related disaster, and we use the latest restoration technologies and procedures to get your business back up-and-running without incurring any long-term losses.

Without a proper commercial water damage cleaning and restoration service provider, such as EDS, your business is at risk of continued water damage caused by a hurricane or flood. Swift cleaning is essential and no business should be without a hurricane damage plan in place before disaster strikes.

The team at EDS has a strict process when it comes to cleaning and restoration when it comes to hurricane damage. The methods include:

  • Emergency water removal.
  • Air testing and moisture detection.
  • Mold identification.
  • Mold remediation.
  • Carpet cleaning and restoration.
  • Building Management and Operations
  • Stain removal.

Fire and Smoke Damage

Fire damage is especially common during dry summers and can occur more often in areas that typically experience dry summers and minimal rainfall.

Fire damage can be devastating to a business and often lead to delayed disaster recovery. This is why it’s essential to work with a reliable team of fire cleanup and smoke remediation professionals.

Minimizing business downtime as the result of fire damage is crucial. While firefighters will work to stop the fire, the damage caused by the fire doesn’t stop after the flames cease. Smoke can cause additional damage, and the water used to stop the fire can also create additional damage.

The EDS approach to fire damage and damage caused by smoke is customized for each commercial property, based on each business’ unique circumstances. The fire damage restoration process typically involves:

  • Inspection of the underlying integrity of the structures for safety.
  • Assessment of the areas damaged by water used during the firefighting efforts.
  • Remediation of water damage when needed.
  • Removal of important items from inside of the building, such as computers, files, data storage devices, products, raw materials, machinery, equipment, etc.
  • Performing fire damage restoration, such removal of burned items, assessment of carpets and floor tops and rugs that require removal and treating surfaces affected by smoke and odors.
  • Fire cleanup and elimination of odors.
  • Deodorization of surfaces to the pre-fire condition.
  • Returning of articles and equipment to their original places and resumption of your business operations.

Mold Damage

Mold occurs more often during the humid days of summer, and especially during rainy seasons. When the air is humid and rain occurs more often, mold can spread quickly.

Mold damage typically occurs during periods of excessive moisture and can be the result of water damage (which can often be the result of hurricane damage or fire damage). Mold is a fungus that grows rapidly when in areas of moisture and can lead to health issues after prolonged exposure. Mold damage can be devastating to a business because it creates an unhealthy work environment and makes doing business within the building nearly impossible.

It’s important to contact a mold removal service provider immediately after the problem is noticed. EDS knows that mold damage can be a disaster for business offices and has the experience, tools and equipment to quickly address any mold, fungus or spore-growth outbreak.

Contact EDS Before Disaster Strikes Your Business

EDS is a trusted name when it comes to business disaster caused by hurricane damage, fire damage, smoke damage and mold damage. It’s important that you have a disaster consulting team in place before disaster strikes to ensure a swift and effective business recovery plan is in place. EDS is committed to surpassing your expectations when it comes to business disaster and recovery services and will work with you to get your company back-in-business quickly after disaster strikes. We’re available 24/7 and our team of trained and certified disaster recovery specialists is read to help you plan for and deal with, any emergency situations.

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Remediating Bio-waste and Bio-hazards – No Margins for Error

Bio-waste and bio-hazards are widespread and must be addressed with the utmost of care, caution and discretion or risk spreading diseases and poisons that can be severe and debilitating. Bio-waste and hazardous materials include chemical materials and hazardous materials resulting from flooding, fires, pipe breaks and other incidents. Thus

Personnel should be certified and trained in remediation of bio-wastes, bio-hazards and sewer waste, personnel who are committed to addressing these issues so that facility managers and staff can rest easier and return to doing their customary tasks.

Solutions must consider OSHA and health regulations pertaining to hazardous materials and the procedures, equipment and personnel necessary to completely extract, clean and remove bio-waste materials from facilities. Issues must be handled in a thorough manner that considers the consequences of not addressing these hazardous materials completely, including those from blood borne pathogens that are in many cases invisible.

Customer and employee safety are at risk as are the long-term reputations of the organization and its facility, making these matters ones that must be addressed with the utmost of care and consideration for all concerned. At EDS, we understand this and have the trained team, systems and equipment to remediate bio-hazardous materials thoroughly and promptly.

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Expert Facility Managers on EDS’s Complete Approach To Water Damage

Unfortunately all too often pipes break, roofs leak and sprinklers are activated, creating water damage and commercial water clean up issues that must be resolved quickly or potentially suffer the consequences of lost customers, revenues and aggravated employees.

At EDS we are fortunate to work with expert facility managers for many of the largest commercial real estate firms in the country. These senior property managers handle major commercial and institutional facilities and are responsible for dealing with the problems that arise from water damage, broken pipes, roof leaks and flooding.

When describing the work of EDS, here is what these managers have to say:

“With EDS, I know the issues of water damage and removal will be addressed promptly and completely, typically within 24 – 36 hours. It is more than having the right equipment, it is having a team quickly mobilized on site and the processes and management to see the job through start to finish.”

“EDS’ solutions are comprehensive and considerate of our needs to get our facilities back in proper working condition with everything addressed as quickly as possible. With EDS I can count on a complete and accurate billing explanation. This is most important given corporate and insurance reports and claims that must be filed.”

“My client had worked with other water clean up specialists before I told them we needed to work with EDS. There was no comparison in the level of service between the previous service provider and what we get from EDS.”

“EDS is a more than a member of our team, they are most professional and care about getting the job done right. With EDS, I do not have to choose between solutions that are fast, complete and cost-effective. They deliver on all three scores consistently.”

Case Studies

Mold Remediation

Mold Remediation

Mold growth was discovered on seven floors of a high-rise medical facility in Charlotte, North Carolina after periodic water intrusions affected the north facing windows of the building. EDS provided remediation services for the affected areas following established protocol from the customer and working after hours to prevent business interruption. Clearance samples were taken after the remediation and the lab results indicated that the project was a success.

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Mold Remediation

Sewer & Bio-Waste Cleaning

A major sewage blockage occurred in downtown Charlotte contaminating a loading dock and associated storage areas. EDS arrived on the scene quickly and began the process of extracting and properly disposing of one thousand gallons of raw sewage. All affected surfaces and contents were then detail cleaned and sanitized using hospital strength products. EDS disposed of non-salvageable items.

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