The EDS approach is based on the following pillars of our service mode. It is a service model based on prompt resolution of your issues while working in a collaborative and accountable manner.

1. Your project will be managed by a senior project manager from start to finish.
2. We will mobilize as quickly as possible and work to address the issue expeditiously and thoroughly.
3. We will work to get you back to normal and safe operations so that inconveniences and hardships to your employees, customers and vendor partners are minimized as much as is possible.
4. We will address your issue in a safe manner working to make sure that all OSHA, mold, infectious diseases issues that might be a part of the project are considered and incorporated as part of our solution.
5. You will receive prompt and accurate billing so that your matter can be resolved efficiently.
Our goal with each project is to resolve issues quickly and comprehensively in a quality manner and in doing so to create a long-term client relationship. This is our commitment and promise.