Expert Facility Managers on EDS’s Complete Approach To Water Damage

Unfortunately all too often pipes break, roofs leak and sprinklers are activated, creating water damage and commercial water clean up issues that must be resolved quickly or potentially suffer the consequences of lost customers, revenues and aggravated employees.

At EDS we are fortunate to work with expert facility managers for many of the largest commercial real estate firms in the country. These senior property managers handle major commercial and institutional facilities and are responsible for dealing with the problems that arise from water damage, broken pipes, roof leaks and flooding.

When describing the work of EDS, here is what these managers have to say:

“With EDS, I know the issues of water damage and removal will be addressed promptly and completely, typically within 24 – 36 hours. It is more than having the right equipment, it is having a team quickly mobilized on site and the processes and management to see the job through start to finish.”

“EDS’ solutions are comprehensive and considerate of our needs to get our facilities back in proper working condition with everything addressed as quickly as possible. With EDS I can count on a complete and accurate billing explanation. This is most important given corporate and insurance reports and claims that must be filed.”

“My client had worked with other water clean up specialists before I told them we needed to work with EDS. There was no comparison in the level of service between the previous service provider and what we get from EDS.”

“EDS is a more than a member of our team, they are most professional and care about getting the job done right. With EDS, I do not have to choose between solutions that are fast, complete and cost-effective. They deliver on all three scores consistently.”

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