How BOMA and EDS Provide Critical Facilities Relief

The Building Owners and Managers Association – BOMA – and the Environmental Diversified Services – EDS – work hand in hand to provide critical facilities relief. BOMA has been representing both the managers and owners of all commercial property. This includes all types and even more than 10.5 billion square feet of office space in the U.S. In the same manner, EDS works to help owners of commercial property through their exceptional cleaning and restoration services.

Whenever there are fires, hurricanes, floods or other disasters which cause damage to commercial property, EDS is there with superior critical facilities assistance. Businesses can suffer huge losses during these critical facilities disasters. The team of highly trained and knowledgeable Environmental Diversified Services experts know what it takes during these tough times.

BOMA and EDS To The Rescue

BOMA has been a pillar of support for millions of commercial property owners since 1907 when they were first founded. Each year, BOMA International has the Toby Awards online application process. Through the Toby Awards, BOMA chooses the most prestigious and qualified buildings. The Toby – The Outstanding Building of the Year – is akin to the Oscars for commercial property building owners and managers. It is by the Toby Awards that BOMA rewards exceptional and superior building management.

The BOMA Standard has won the data center management organizations high ratings and praises. One of the ways they do this is by providing a tremendous source of information on many issues. These are matters that affect building management and operations.

BOMA International provides information and assistance on the following:

  • Building Operating Costs
  • Development Leasing
  • Legislation
  • Industry Trends
  • Technological Developments
  • Building Management and Operations
  • Energy Consumption
  • Occupancy Statistics

BOMA is the backbone of commercial property management association through their helpful services. In the same way, EDS is the critical facilities services leader in the U.S. For years’ their team of professionals have been getting businesses back on track soon after disasters strike. It is during these critical facilities problems that EDS deploys its team of certified, experienced and competent members to assist in critical facilities issues. They help to ensure that your business is restored back the best possible extent as promptly as possible.

When Disaster Strikes, EDS Is There

BOMA and EDS have been working together hand in hand for many years now. If you’re a building owner or manager, you can find out more about BOMA here. For those whose commercial properties may be dealing with flood, fire, hurricane or other disasters, you should call or visit EDS today. Let their team of experts help you with their award winning critical facilities and disaster services. They can restore your commercial property back via their high rated cleaning and their quick commercial restoration services.

Both BOMA International and Environmental Diversified Services are there for building commercial management assistance. Especially when those involved in handling the commercial property needed it most. One offers the best possible information for commercial building managers and owners. While EDS – Environmental Diversified Services offers the best and highest rated critical facilities management services during disasters in the U.S.

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