Remediating Bio-waste and Bio-hazards – No Margins for Error

Bio-waste and bio-hazards are widespread and must be addressed with the utmost of care, caution and discretion or risk spreading diseases and poisons that can be severe and debilitating. Bio-waste and hazardous materials include chemical materials and hazardous materials resulting from flooding, fires, pipe breaks and other incidents. Thus

Personnel should be certified and trained in remediation of bio-wastes, bio-hazards and sewer waste, personnel who are committed to addressing these issues so that facility managers and staff can rest easier and return to doing their customary tasks.

Solutions must consider OSHA and health regulations pertaining to hazardous materials and the procedures, equipment and personnel necessary to completely extract, clean and remove bio-waste materials from facilities. Issues must be handled in a thorough manner that considers the consequences of not addressing these hazardous materials completely, including those from blood borne pathogens that are in many cases invisible.

Customer and employee safety are at risk as are the long-term reputations of the organization and its facility, making these matters ones that must be addressed with the utmost of care and consideration for all concerned. At EDS, we understand this and have the trained team, systems and equipment to remediate bio-hazardous materials thoroughly and promptly.

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