EDS provides a comprehensive range of services for facility managers managing commercial buildings impacted by hurricanes, storms, fires and water damage, mold, infectious disease and bio-waste problems. Services and response teams are managed by EDS senior managers with training and expertise in the issues impacting the client, senior managers who are dedicated to promptly restoring the client’s facility to normal operations as quickly as possible at

A senior manager will manage your project and ensure that OSHA and other prescribed requirements for safe and healthy operations are maintained at all times. This manager will make sure that you receive regular communications and advised of project progress.



If water or flood has damaged your business, EDS has the proper set of equipment and expertise to provide you with our comprehensive flood damage service. We specialize in cleaning and restoring commercial properties. Our team consists of trained and certified specialists who will undertake the task of cleaning and restoring your property after commercial water damage. If you came here in search of water damage services, you’re in good hands now.

EDS is a Charlotte water damage cleaning and restoration service provider with a national presence. We use the latest cleaning and restoration technologies and procedures to ensure that your business is reopened for customers as soon as possible. Before opening the building to customers, our team carries out a final audit to verify that everything has properly dried and is once again safe for business. Our thorough and sophisticated approach to cleaning and commercial restoration in the aftermath of floods makes us the best flood damage service provider in Charlotte.

While water leaks and flooding are both very destructive to any property, businesses especially experience substantial interruption, damages and losses from these types of occurances. Failing to call a reputed commercial water damage cleaning and restoration service provider to your property in the aftermath of a flood can further increase the damages. Water is easily contaminated, so you must not delay contacting a reliable flood damage service provider.


At EDS, we understand that every minute of your business is valuable, and that customer satisfaction is crucial for your success. Hurricane, torrential rain, flooding or water leaks in your commercial building will not only interrupt your business operations, but also result in customer dissatisfaction. You need a trusted and reliable flood damage service provider to recuperate your business in the aftermath of any commercial water damage.

EDS is a household name when it comes to flood and water damage cleaning and remediation in the United States. Our Charlotte water damage services include water extraction, structure and content restoration, mold remediation and infectious control cleaning. Every business has unique needs and requirements in the aftermath of flood or water damage. The good news is that our services are flexible and are custom tailored for the special requirements of your business and situation

Our staff consists of highly experienced and skilled technicians in commercial water damage cleaning and restoration. We respond immediately to your call and assign you a dedicated project manager who will reach your premises with a team of technicians as soon as possible. The project manager will provide regular updates regarding progress until the project has been completed. We try our hardest to mitigate your business loss through sophisticated recovery and restoration techniques.


Commercial water damage after torrential downpours, hurricanes, water leakage or other disasters are highly stressful situations for business owners. The effects of flooding inside of a commercial property brings with it potentially harmful effects. The side effects of flooding are detrimental to the health of the people working or living in the property. The unpleasant side effects of flooding in a commercial property include bacterial and mold growth.

EDS sharply reduces the harmful effects of water inside of your commercial property through prompt and effective interventions. The first 24-48 hours after flooding inside of a building are critical, so we quickly deploy our resources onsite and initiate our specialized flood damage service as soon as possible. While the damage may appear severe to you, our cleaning and restoration efforts generate amazing outcomes.


The EDS commercial water damage cleaning process is highly scientific and can be customized to the requirements of your property on the spot. Before initiating the cleaning and restoration process, we will assess your property for the amount of damage, extent of contamination and restoration versus replacement expenses.

The critical factors in our cleaning and restoration method include:

• Emergency water removal
• Air testing and moisture detection
• Mold identification
• Mold remediation
• Dehumidification
• Deodorizing
• Disinfecting
• Carpet cleaning and restoration
• Stain removal
• Drying



In the aftermath of business fire damage, you can find comfort by having clear direction, and by getting help from a reliable fire cleanup and smoke remediation service provider to minimize your business’ downtime.

EDS is a Charlotte fire damage cleanup and restoration service provider, with a presence across the United States. Our team is made up of experienced, trained and skilled managers and technicians who will work around the clock to reopen your business as soon as possible.

We use latest technologies and procedures to effectively treat smoke damage and perform fire damage restoration. Making sure to keep you in the loop on every step of the business fire damage cleaning and restoration project.


Business fire damage can be extremely overwhelming. Of course firefighters will help extinguish the fire, but that’s that’s just the beginning. Your commercial property will continue to suffer from the fire and smoke damage even after the fire has been extinguished. There is also a chance that the water used by firefighters will further increase the damage to your property.

Fire cleanup and smoke remediation quickly become the necessities in the aftermath of a fire in commercial properties. Furthermore, water damage cleanup and restoration also become necessary in order to overcome the damages inflicted by the water used while battling the blaze.

EDS specializes in commercial smoke damage and fire damage restoration. We have two decades of experience in cleaning and restoring of businesses damaged by fire to the pre-fire condition. We use the latest technology for smoke remediation, and for the removal of odor and soot. The good news is that our protocol is custom tailored on a per case basis, ensuring that literally every nook and cranny has been covered.

The filtrates left behind by fire have the potential to trigger health issues if not treated immediately and properly. If you are trying to clean and restore your commercial property on your own in the aftermath of a fire, it is not a judicious decision. Doing so cannot only cause more damage, but also threaten your health. Instead, you should invest your trust in a reliable business fire damage service provider like EDS to cleanup and restore your property. Remember, only the professionals with the right experience, training and equipment can perform the task properly.


It is of the utmost importance to immediately call a fire damage restoration service provider in the aftermath of a fire in your facilities. If left untreated, the ash and smoke can do further damage to your property. Any delay in seeking fire cleanup services can lead to corrosion of the materials and anything left inside of the building. In addition, smoke odors will stick to surfaces, structures and contents after the fire.

If you fail to urgently call a dependable smoke damage restoration service provider, the odors will expand and penetrate deep into every surface. This can provide the ideal conditions for bacterial growth. The walls, structures, furniture and equipment will be discolored quickly; therefore, it is wise to carry out fire damage restoration and smoke remediation on time. Also, the longer the smoke remains inside of the building, the more it will cause scratching in glass, and the faster it will discolor metallic items.


We understand that not all fire and smoke damage is the same. Our approach to cleaning and restoring your commercial property is customized for your business and unique circumstance. Our business fire damage restoration process typically includes:

• Inspection of the underlying integrity of the structures for safety
• Identification of the fire’s source in order to determine the fire type
• Assessment of the areas damaged by water used during the firefighting efforts
• Remediation of water damage when needed
• Assessment of materials, structures, articles, surfaces and equipment damaged by fire, smoke and soot
• Removal of important items from inside of the building, such as computers, files, data storage devices, products, raw materials, machinery, equipment etc.
• Performing fire damage restoration, such removal of burned items, assessment of carpets and floor tops and rugs that require removal and treating surfaces affected by smoke and odors
• Fire cleanup and elimination of odors
• Deodorization of surfaces to the pre-fire condition
• Returning of articles and equipment to their original places and resumption of your business operations



Infectious control cleaning is critical in stopping the spread of communicable diseases, not only in the healthcare and hospital setting, but for all responsible businesses. In order to maintain a high level of cleanliness in your organization, EDS will regularly and routinely clean all surfaces, structures and items using modern techniques standardized in MRSA cleaning and cleanroom cleaning.

EDS specializes in decontamination and infectious control cleaning. We use a variety of specialized products to ensure that your premises are infection free. We extend our MRSA cleaning service especially to healthcare facilities and hospitals because MRSA infections mostly occur in those enviroments. EDS uses the latest and most effective products and procedures for cleaning, decontaminating and disinfecting surfaces that are prone to infections. For example, we use detergent-based decontaminators and EPA registered disinfectants to perform MRSA cleaning.

Before starting our effors to disinfect your premises, we will determine the nature and types of infections and organisms present. Since microorganisms can range from the harmless to the very pathogenic, we identify their types in order to come up with the proper course of action.


The most essential and important measures to maintain hygiene in an organizational atmosphere is the cleaning and disinfecting of the premises. Our cleaning and disinfecting efforts are aimed not only to completely remove dirt and dust, but also to eliminate infections and prevent them from occurring. The surface cleaning fluids we use also suspend and eliminate bacteria and other microorganisms.

Our cleaning and disinfecting efforts will eliminate over 90% of microorganisms from your facility. We perform our cleaning and disinfecting tasks very cautiously because even a slight dispersing of the microorganisms can lead to the contamination of other equipment.

When you choose EDS to take care of the cleaning and disinfecting of your organizational environment, we will assign you a dedicated manager, with a team of skilled and trained staff. The manager will keep you regularly updated on project progress and will make sure that the staff follows all standards and protocols of effective cleaning and disinfection.


EDS offers its cleaning services to cleanrooms. We understand that facilities that are normally used for manufacturing purposes, especially the production of pharmaceutical and scientific products, need regular and routine cleaning, decontamination and disinfection. These facilities are prone to environmental pollution like dust, microbes and chemicals.

Our cleanroom cleaning approach is unique in that it strictly follows the highest industrial standards. We use completely defined and standardized cleaning methods in addition to effective decontaminators and disinfectants. It is important to understand that the products used in cleanroom cleaning need to be of highest quality and powerful, so that microorganisms can be eliminated.

The selection of the proper combination of products and cleaning methods are equally important when it comes to cleanroom cleaning. This is specifically crucial for pharmaceutical manufacturers. Disinfectants come with varying efficiencies; some of which are bacteriostatic, meaning that they are meant to target bacteria that have already stopped growing. The disinfectant will selectively target them, reversing the changes to their cells by intermingling with their nucleic acids or penetrating their cell wall.

Then there are bactericidal disinfectants used extensively in cleanroom cleaning. These disinfectants target and eliminate the bacteria by inflicting structural damage in them through autolysis or cell lysis.


MRSA cleaning is particularly important in hospitals, healthcare clinics, surgical facilities, emergency rooms and other healthcare environments because the spread of deadly bacteria like MRSA can have devastating consequences if not contained beforehand. When MRSA infections befall, the premises should be immediately cleaned and disinfected.

EDS is a popular name when it comes to MRSA cleaning. We use effective disinfectants and procedures particularly developed for the elimination of MRSA infections. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, we provide MRSA cleaning services throughout the United States.

Our staff is highly experienced and trained in the provision of MRSA cleaning services for healthcare facilities. We initiate the cleaning process by disinfecting surfaces, structures and equipment that contact people’s bare skin. For example, bedrails, door handles, bed linens, robes, tables, chairs and medical equipment are more susceptible to contract MRSA infections and transmit them to people upon touch. We highly recommend regular and routine MRSA cleaning for healthcare facilities to prevent outbreak of MRSA.



Mold grows as a result of moisture and can be specifically damaging to businesses and people living or working inside of commercial properties. Commercial mold remediation is, therefore, highly recommended for all types of businesses. Typically, mold grows in the aftermath of a flood or water leakage; however, they can also suddenly develop without any negative incident in your business. Don’t hesitate to call a mold mitigation company when you detect even the smallest sign of mold on your premises.

EDS is a Charlotte mold removal service provider, with operations across the country. We understand that commercial mold remediation can be especially challenging due to the fact that the mold spores can multiply across the building in as quickly as 48-72 hours. The side effects of mold growth include allergies, irritations and illnesses. Mold can also damage building structures, wooden furniture and as well as other surfaces. If you fail to immediately call a reliable mold removal service at your commercial property, the mold can potentially trigger health complications for the people working within.

Early diagnosis is the key to effective elimination of mold from your commercial building; therefore, you should establish a long-term relationship with a commercial mold remediation service provider that has the capacity and resources to reach your property quickly and perform mold mitigation. If you believe you may have mold growing in your business, EDS can proactively counter the problem. We have the training, skillset and experience to perform commercial mold remediation on any scale.


Mold is basically a fungus that grows as a result of moisture. It is normally found on moist building materials and structures, often appearing like stains. They come in different colors, but the smell is typically musty. Mold grows through very tiny spores that are not detected by the naked eye. They drift through the air, enter buildings and find shelter on moist surfaces where they begin to multiply. You should use a reliable mold removal service to
eliminate mold from your workplace.

If mold mitigation is not carried out in offices or other commercial properties, the indoor air quality can deteriorate. Further negligence can provide time for the mold spores to multiply and trigger health issues. It is important to understand that there are different types of molds, some of which are potentially dangerous. Serpula lacrymans and Dry Rot Fungus are extremely destructive.


Performing commercial mold remediation is very important to keep your workplace and staff safe. Mold is particularly damaging to the surfaces and structures on which they grow. Wooden structures can be easily damaged by molds, necessitating replacement of the specific structure and/or furniture. When mold grows, it also poses health problems to humans. Allergic reactions and respiratory issues are very common mold-associated health problems.

It is extremely important to understand that there are a few types of mold that can trigger very serious health problems by producing mycotoxins. When humans come in contact with mycotoxins, they can suffer from serious neurological problems and even die. Other health problems associated with mold growth include runny nose, itchy and irritated eyes, cough, itchy throat, itchy or rashy skin, migraines and asthma. Only the most experienced mold removal service like EDS can eliminate these life-threatening molds from your business.

In order to keep your business and staff safe from mold, you must choose a dependable commercial mold remediation service provider to perform mold mitigation inside of your commercial property. EDS is a highly respected name in the commercial mold removal service sector across the United States.


EDS has earned the trust of thousands of businesses across the US for over 20 years now. Popular as a Charlotte mold removal service, we have stationed dedicated teams for commercial mold remediation across the country. Our mold removal service teams consist of highly trained and certified members. Fully equipped with the right set of tools and equipment, our teams are always on high alert to cater to emergency situations.

It is worth mentioning here that commercial mold remediation is a strictly regulated sector is many states and cities. EDS uses predefined protocols and project specific procedures to deliver you the ultimate solution. We currently follow the mold remediation protocols and standards set forth by the New York Department of Health, OSHA and the Texas Department of Health.



It is paramount that all businesses have a trusted team of emergency consultants in their core operations. You never know when large-scale commercial disaster will strike. Disaster recovery consulting plays a critical role in minimizing the risk of disaster, cutting disaster-induced damages and the cleaning and restoration of commercial properties in the aftermath of disasters like fire, flooding and sewage biohazards.

Emergency services consulting is an important part of EDS’s disaster services. Having over 20 years of experience in management of disasters like fire, infectious control, water and floods and sewer and biohazards, EDS is a household name when it comes to consulting for commercial disaster preparedness, mitigation and recovery.

It is important to understand that businesses are always at higher risk of emergencies and disasters. Fires, floods and chemical spills cannot only interrupt your business operations, but also trigger severe health and environmental problems. It is always a good idea to have disaster recovery consulting as part of you core operations.


Disaster risk analysis is one of the core elements of effective disaster management and recovery. Whether your business is susceptible to natural or industrial disasters, if a proper disaster risk analysis has been carried out in advance, your business will be in a better position to avert emergencies and recovery quickly in the aftermath of disasters.

A disaster risk analysis will identify the potential threats and susceptibilities for your business, so you can take preemptive action to minimize potential business disruptions and losses. EDS consultants will perform a disaster risk analysis to identify any loopholes in your commercial property that exposes the building to disasters. Based on the identified risks, we will come up with a disaster recovery plan for your business.


Crisis management is another important component of emergency situations that should not be ignored by businesses. When a disaster strikes, it creates a crisis situation. EDS will not only craft a crisis management plan for your business, but also execute that plan through tools and equipment selection, procedure developments and validation testing. Furthermore, our consultants will organize crisis management awareness workshops for your employees and management teams. In simple terms, we plan ahead for your business, so you are not caught unprepared or ill equipped.


If you are searching for reliable disaster recovery consulting services or emergency consultants to monitor the operations of other companies or give you expert opinion about disaster planning, you’ve come at the right place. When you choose EDS as your disaster recovery consulting service, we go to great lengths to ensure that your business is always safe from potential disaster. We will assign you a dedicated project manager who will work with your team and oversee the work of other companies.

Our emergency consultants will work closely with your company’s management to craft and put in place a comprehensive disaster preparedness, recovery and mitigation plan. Our consultants will help take preemptive actions against potential disaster, and if a disaster occurs, they will respond swiftly to minimize your business downtime and recovery your property from the situation as quickly as possible. Our services are backed with relevant certifications and experience in the industry.

What differentiates us from our competitors is the fact that our disaster recovery consultants are certified and trained to handle emergency situations of any size. When you choose EDS as your emergency consultants provider, you get:

• Proactive disaster preparedness plan and strategies
• Access to latest technologies, equipment and approaches for disaster recovery
• Licensed, experienced, trained and certified specialists at your disposal
• 24/7 disaster mitigation
• Quick recovery and restoration of your business from disasters
• Timely reporting and communication about disaster recovery progress